Small Hamster Wheels

Our collection of small hamster wheels is specifically designed for the smallest of furry friends. Made with petite pets in mind, these wheels are the perfect size for dwarf hamsters, mice, and other tiny critters.

Despite their small size, our hamster wheels are built to last. Crafted from high-quality materials, they offer a durable and reliable exercise solution for your pet. Their smooth and sturdy running surfaces ensure your pet can run comfortably, while their lightweight design means they're easy to move and clean.

Superpet Silent Spinner Mini Hamster Wheel (4.5 inch)


This ever-popular Silent Spinner from Superpet is practical, quiet and suitable for small hamsters. At 4.5 inches in diameter it's compact and durable too.

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Superpet Comfort Small Hamster Wheel (5.5 inch)


The smallest of the Superpet Comfort range, this 5.5 inch diameter is perfect for the smaller hamsters out there. Easy to use, durable, quiet and safe. As small hamster wheels go, it's great!

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Small 'n' Furry Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel Small (5 inch)


Specifically designed for hamsters, this 5-inch modern marvel is perfect for running. Its unique, innovative design is silent and safe, ensuring endless hours of exercise and fun.

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Small 'n' Furry Flying Saucer Hamster Wheel (6.5 inch)


Designed with the safety and well-being of your furry friend in mind, this 6.5" flying saucer hamster wheel offers a range of benefits that both you and your pet will appreciate.

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We understand that hamsters and other small pets have specific needs. That's why our small hamster wheels are designed to provide your pet with the exercise and entertainment they need, without taking up too much space in their cage.

Whether you're looking for a basic wheel or a more elaborate design, our collection of small hamster wheels has something to suit every taste and budget. From classic plastic designs to fun and funky colors and shapes, we have the perfect wheel for your petite pet.

So why wait? Browse our collection of small hamster wheels today and give your furry friend the exercise and entertainment they deserve!